Welacruz is the largest island found on the surface of Dinriasa.  The people that live there are ruled by a carefree young King, Nathan Sowell the 2nd, who is in his middle 20's.  Nathan has two younger sisters, Evelene Sowell (the older one), and Kaina Sowell, who do happen to be 'princesses'.


The landscape around the island is all rugged beach, and towards the center of the island lay a thick forest, with trees as wide as houses, with branches as strong and large as sidewalks.  You could literally build a buisiness place in a vine.  The forests are so thick that the people of Welacruz only know as far as about 2 miles in.  But they can navigate through the island better than anyone else.


The main characters who live on this island are King Nathan Sowell the 2nd, Evelene and Kaina Sowell, who are princesses, and Phrenic Jones, who was Evelene's bodyguard for a couple weeks.  A young girl named Naida does end up running away from another island, Vasumious Ryes, to Welacruz.  The current population of Welacruz is 736 people.  And lots of monsters.  And animals.

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