One of the 3 main islands of the story, Vasumious Ryes is the home of Rosaline, Naida, and Akaina. Like many of the islands, it is ruled by a monarchy.


King Wendell and Queen Georgianne currently rule, with their heir being Nicholas. They also have a son and daughter, Josephine and Lionel. Numerous people of nobility also reaside, most being Dukes, Earls, Counts, Countesses, Ladies, and Duchesses. The number of nobles is around 120. The second largest "group" of people are the craftsmen, writers, scholars, merchants etc. The largest by far are the fishermen and laborers. They are technically the poorest, but there are a few who have become very wealthy. 


Vasumious Ryes is surrounded by beaches, with a small forest towards the east. It's the smallest of the Halogean Island range.  The forest takes up about half of the island, with the other half being filled with cities and villages. The royals and nobility live intermost it, with everyine else surrounding the large city. Most fishermen like near the western edge, because the eastern edge is too rocky for fishing.


Vasumious Ryes is home to the main characters Rosaline, a knight in training, Naida, a fisherman's daughter, and Akaina, who spends her time in the trees. Most of the people in Vasumious Ryes can be described as fearless and persistent, which greatly helps them prosper. The population is 1224, since so many of them are soldiers.

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