The Halogean Island Range is the largest island range in Dinriasa.  Comprised of two massive islands and one fairly large one, they are the most feared islands, the least explored islands (See. Welacruz), and are home to many horrifyingly large monsters, parasitic animals, viruses/pathogens, and other animals.


 First of all there are three main islands that make up the Halogean Island Range.  That would be Welacruz, Vasumious Ryes, and Elland.  Together, they would be the strongest, unstoppable force in all the galaxies.  But things changed over the years.  Some of the first colonies started fighting.  And the fighting sparked wars.  Battles.  Over the years, the knights, mercenaries, archers, swordsmen, healers, dark and light mages, wizards, witches, everything had evolved into the top notch.  For instance, a 3rd class archer from the Halogean Island Range could shoot 11 arrows at a target and hit bullseye 9 of 11 times, with 10 seconds given.  A dark mage could move a 500 pound sumo wrestler into mid-air with their mind (though it would take alot of magic and energy, but they could do it!).  A witch could turn invisible in the blink of an eye.  Almost everyone, from all the islands, if they fight in the battles...  could do that.  So if you took a dark mage from, say, Welacruz, and dueled it against a dark mage from Vasumious Ryes, the fight would be so intense that they may kill people in the audience, explode things crazily, and teleport hundreds of times in roughly 1 minute.

 And wars constantly happen between the 3 islands.  Constant attacks when they think that the island is at its weakest.  For instance, when Welacruz lost their princess.  BOOM.  The next day, Elland finds out.  And they go on a KILLING SPREE!!! (which is where Kali gets killed by Melany)  Literally, the EXACT.  SAME.  DAY.

 The islands HATE each other, and it's hard to let someone from another Halogean island in...

 Also the dangerous animals that inhabit the islans, because they are the least explored islans of Dinriasa.  Such as the Halogean Viper, the Halogean Stomach Nematode, and the Halogean Fluke.  (See. Animals.)

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