Rosaline is one of the main characters in Dinriasa. She is 14 years old. She has a father, Arthur, a mother, Debrah, and an elder brother, Christin. She's a knight in training, but that has been halted for now.


Rosaline is of average height for her age, about 5'5. As of now, her light brown hair is styled into a pixie cut. She has light gray eyes, and slightly tanned skin. She has a slim build, and is pretty graceful with a sword. She does have a few scars from training.


Rosaline is a logical thinker. She does not believe luxuries have any use, and mainly focuses on getting stronger with her sword. This can put her against many people, such as Naida. She does not enjoy fooling around, or doing anything that she believes is wasting time. She can be described as intelligent, but really just thinks a bit more logically than everyone else.


Rosaline was born in Vasumious Ryes to her father, a merchant, and her mother, a tailor, and her elder brother, Christin, who was 8 when she was born. She met Akaina when she was 6, and they have been friends since. She was traveling to the border of Vasumious Ryes when she met Naida, and they are often arguing, with Akaina being the peacmaker. She was enrolled into the knights training courses when she was 12. She enjoys it due to its main focus on logic instead of emotions. Twice a year, she, Akaina, and Naida travel to some of the other islands to restock.

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