The people of Rhuquens are hiders, nobody knows their royals, they live under an abandoned city.  Yes, underground.  Nobody has ever found them.  But their island is pretty large, so others have set foot and built new villages around the island, fighting and having wars right above ther Rhuquen civilization over who owns what land, even though the land that each other civilization owns is very small.


It is made up of mostly gravel, but the Rhuquen civilization, living underground had made walls of concrete to keep the rocks out of the way, and to seal themselves under the ground for generations with little air holes to breathe from.  None of the other civilizations will find them.  Because the ground is gravel, it is poor farming soil, therefore nobody digs for farm land.


There is a population of 122 people and many animals in the first civilization of Rhuquens, which lives underground.  There is a population of 784 people who set foot on Rhequens, looking for a place to settle.

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