Quotes gathered from the characters, in the story, and behind the scenes.  Some of them are funny, others serious, stupid, kind, mean, whatever.

"When I get in the shower, I wash my butt first, then my face."

-Phrenic Jones.  Said at age 6.  Behind the scenes.

"Some things are trickier than others."

-Melany Bagator.  Said at age 11.  Behind the scenes.

"Fine.  But I have to tell you, I barely ever wash my face.  Maybe the spider guts are still there."

-Phrenic Jones.  Said at age 15.  In the story.


-Apyueek.  Said at age-?  In the story.

"So will you come with me, marry me, so we can spend the rest of our lives, happily, in the fresh forests, engulfed by nature and the beautiful waterfalls, forever?"

-Immance.  Said at age 16.  In the story.

"I shall be a rock!"

-Phrenic Jones.  Said at age 15.  In the story.

"Which perfume smells better?  The one made of flowers or the one made of spices?"

-Princess Evelene Sowell.  Said at age 18.  In the story.

"You want her."

-Ken Bagator.  Said at age 14.  Behind the scenes.

"Keep this a secret, or you die."

-Phrenic Jones.  Said at age 15.  In the story.

"Oh sometimes they aren't very cute."

-Phrenic Jones.  Said at age 15.  In the story.

"Maybe you'll grow a beard."

-Phrenic's Mother.  Said at age 39.  In the story.

"Perfect!  Everything I need!"

-Naida.  Said at age 14.  In the story.

"Say one more word and I'm afraid I'll have to shove your head SO far up your butt that it'll come out of your MOUTH."

-Phrenic Jones.  Said at age 13.  Behind the scenes.

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