There are a total of 17 characters that actually play a role- even if the role is really tiny, but still a role in the story.  That would be:

-Phrenic Jones from Welacruz

-Princess Evelene Sowell from Welacruz

-Melany Bagator from Welacruz

-Ken Bagator from Welacruz

-Lialani Lohlrus from Welacruz

-Rubi Nonnings from Welacruz

-Anneka Wienstien from Welacruz

-Bethany Waters from Welacruz

-Effgos from Welacruz

-Apyueek from Welacruz

-Astera Mauntell from Elland

-Erinya Mauntell from Elland

-Kali Mauntell from Elland

-Crysis Kendall from Elland

-Rosaline Cardenaz from Vasumious Ryes

-Naida Loedel from Vasumious Ryes, but moves to Welacruz

-Akiana from Vasumious Ryes

The main characters are Phrenic Jones, Evelene Sowell, Apyueek, Astera and Erinya Mauntell, Rosaline Cardenaz, and Naida Loedel.  Read their profiles.  They are interesting.  *sips coffee*

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