Naida Loedel is a 14 year old girl, and a minorish character in the story. She has a father, Errol, a mother, Morgana, an elder sister, Arvianne, and a younger sister, Marina. She's very swift in water and on boats, but not so much on dry lands.


Naida is a bit short for her age, about 5'3". She has lime green eyes, shoulder length white-blond hair-usually in a sideways ponytail with her bangs loose- and tan skin. Her entire body is coverd in freckles. She's pretty strong, since she handles spears and nets all day. 


Naida is on the more naiive and childish side. She has a soft spot for animals, and understands people better than some of the other characters(Rosaline, for example.and is also more oprn to others. She has an unusual craving for salty and spicy food, and isn't very tolerant of sweets.She is known to complain every now and then, and gets really bossy and stubborn around people she doesn't like.


Naida was born to her father and mother in a house on the beaches of Vasumious Ryes. Her older sister was 6. When Naida was 3, her younger sister was born. Her father taught her how to fish when she was 6, and has been training her to handle the more dangerous weapons and boats since she was 11. When she was 12, she met Akaina and Rosaline. She is not enrolled in the knights training courses, but was taught a bit of the beginners' skills by Rosaline. She travels to other islands to resupply twice a year with Akaina and Rosaline.

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