There are hundreds of vast islands, each of them with crazy terrain. Each island is independent, but do interact with each other.  A few are much more closed off from the others, and some are almost dependent on others.  Some of them are great and successful, while others are poor and doomed.  All in all, every single person in every single island speaks the same language: English. A few people on Welacruz can speak Apyueek.

There are also a very wide range of weird biomes and ecosystems, monsters, unknown mythical creatures, non-discovered microscopic bugs and parasites, viruses, pathogens, and many more different types of amoeba.

Popular IslandsEdit

The three largest islands and most popular out of them all would be Welacruz, Vasumious Ryes, and Elland.

      Standing on the sandy landscape of Vasumious Ryes were the most fear-less people around.  Commanded by the most compassionate, smart, and understanding King, they had a plus.  They weren't too strong though, but they were brave and wouldn't stop going.  And there were lots of them.  On the other side, standing in the rich soil and fine sand was the people of Elland.  Elland's King had an infinite amount of riches, and most citizends did too.  In fact, almost all of the people of Elland lived with glory, like a Queen would.  They had only the most beautiful clothes and their weapons were carved out of the best metals, best wood, best ivory to be found anywhere.  Their huts were amazing.  Everything they did was carefully planned, therefore making the island Elland the most beautiful island of the three.  Lastly, Welacruz.  This island was covered with thick forests.  With tree trunks as wide as an 8th grader is tall and vines that have lived over 2,000 years, it is the least explored island of the three.  Most of the plants grow to be so high, so strong, and so huge that you could build a house in the top.  It's branches were as big as a sidewalk, like walking paths in the sky.  Although the people of Welacruz didn't know much about this mysterious island, they know more about it than any of the neighboring islands do, and can navigate their way through the first couple of miles of forest so much easier than anyone else.  Ruled by the childish young King Nathan Sowell the 2nd, they didn't have too many good weapons, and most people had to make the tools themselfes, or find a blacksmith to do it for them.

The three islands make up the Halogean Island Range.


Not-so-popular islandsEdit

Of course that doesn't mean that there can't be other islands.  There's hundreds of them.  But I'll rule out a couple ones for ya:  Maelastia, Aillus, Keijear, Bargt, Vaikufe, Errois, Rhuquens, Sondeck, Etforlon, and Torelcen. 

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