Elland is ruled by a monarchy. The government is relatively new and prosperous. The current population is 465.

The King is Alexander Lucetius III, an only child.

The Queen is Vidia Serastis, oldest of 5 children. She has 3 brothers and one sister, who are all estranged except for one brother, who is dead.

They have two daughters. Princess Jessamine is 16, and Princess Cassinda is 10.


Elland is the most beautiful of the Halogean Islands. It is shaped like a fish leaping out of water. The eye is a freshwater lake, so this is where most of the villagers go to get their water. It is a popular place to socialize and relax. 

The curved "underbelly" of the island is a huge beach with fine white sand and sapphire-blue waves. Because of this natural harbor, the people of Elland have an adept navy. This is why Elland's small population has been able to stay independent for so long.

Palm trees circle the outer part of the island. The rest of Elland is covered with flowing landscapes and partly-manicured grass. The people who live on Elland want to be able to enjoy beauty and comfort, so they have left most of nature alone. However, they have explored and inhabited almost the whole island.

Due to the small popuation, each family has a huge estate and plenty of food and money. Elland's warriors have the best weapons and horses, and the civilians have the best luxury items. All commercial items made in Elland are only of the highest quality. Many civilizations admire Elland because its artistic and military natures fit together so well.


These are the main characters who live on Elland, or lived on Elland at some point.

Crysis Kendall,  a healing mage. She is very mature and thoughtful. (female)

Astera Mauntell, a navy soldier with minor water powers. She is impulsive and hates to listen to anyone. (female)

Erinya Mauntell, an army soldier with fire powers. She hates to show emotions. (female)

Kali Mauntell, a dark magician. She is hardworking and "responsible" to her own moral judgment. (female)

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