Eve's weird little choice of clothing

As you could see from Evelene's rather weird way of choosing clothing, her facial expressions, and the title of this page, Evelene Sowell is one of the main characters in the story, also one of the two Princesses of Welacruz.


Evelene, nicknamed Eve (but only called Eve by people she is really close to) is 18 years old.  She usually wears a clean pink cake dress, for that ~and oter weird dresses she doesn't like to wear~ is basically the only thing she has in her drawer.  On some occasions, she will try to sneak off and buy some comfortable clothes that a regular villager from Welacruz would wear.  Which is hard.  For her.  Because everyone knows her.  So she would have to disguise very secritively and stay well hidden


Eve is pretty tender towards other people, especially guys :/

because she is 18 years old, therefore, sure, it's time to choose a boy.

And who does she pick?

Immance, a gentleman from Elland.  OOOOF course.  He proposed to her with such convincing words, it would've been hell to say no.  They created great, beautiful memories of watching sunsets on the rooftops every morning, the two were very close.  They were each other's lives.  Eve ditched Welacruz for Immance, sending the poor island through months and months of bloody battle.  She'd veen very satisfied with her life after meeting Immance, living every day for its own, also breaking her former bodyguard Phrenic's heart (d'awwwww).

Well, eventually the couple had children, created a family, and then went back to the Kingdom to reunite with Eve's family.  Thus leaving Phrenic pissed off.

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