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Kali in her house, c. 1549 (alive)


Kali, after her death, in Welacruz

Kali Mauntell is a 16 year old dark magician. She lives on Elland with her twin sisters, Erinya and Astera, who are 14 years old.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kali is tall for her age, about 6'2". She has pale skin, short dark red hair, and blue-gray eyes. She is hardworking and responsible, and she usually does most of the chores in the household. When she is in an emotional state, she tends to use her magic impulsively. Since she is a magician, she has no use for combat skills and so does not bother to learn.

Life and BackgroundEdit

Kali's father is unknown at this point. Her mother, Lissa Mauntell, loves to cook, but she is not very good at it. She has two sisters, Erinya and Astera, who fight with each other all the time.

One of Kali's first acts of magic was an experiment and a mistake. She had been in the woods of Welacruz (which was forbidden for citizens of Elland) when she was 10. She had seen a squirrel near the opening of a cave, and it had been making weird squirrel-noises under its breath. Kali decided to enchant it so she could understand what it was saying. However, she was still a novice then, and the spell backfired. The squirrel's fur turned snowy white, and its eyes turned red. It tried to drink Kali's blood. It could speak, but Kali could not understand its words. The squirrel later became known as the infamous Apyueek.

Later, when she is almost 17, Kali will fight in the [insert war/battle name here]. She will be killed by Melany, another dark magician. The events surrounding this are yet unknown.

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Kali, Welacruz, c. sometime after the fucking war (dead)

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