Bargt is ruled by a triumvirate. The current leaders are Lady Ilkossa, Lord Faolan, and Lord Andras. However, the triumvirate can hardly ever reach a decision or compromise, so Bargt is essentially an anarchy. There is a population of 504, most of them thieves or likewise. The people of Bargt are cunning and independent, so they are also the most technologically advanced of all the islands.


Most of nature has been cut away and molded into a twisted version of utopia. Bargt is made of tightly secured villages. If someone wanders out of their village and into another, they will face that village's anger. Quite often, there are wars between the villages over trespassing. 

Wars in Bargt involve more mind games than fighting. The people of Bargt believe that cleverness and careful planning will win a fight faster than expensive weapons.


None developed yet.

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