Akaina MacKay us a minor character in the story. She's 14 years old, and has a mother, Metsa. Her father left them when Akaina was 3. Like Rosaline, she was a knight in training, specializing in stealth. This has been halted.


Akaina is 5'8", with an unusually slim build. She has long ginger hair usually in a braid down her back, and amber eyes. She's good at climbing trees and hiding. There are bruises and scars on her body from falling from trees.


Akaina is relatively quiet, rarely speaking to others, only communicating with facial expressions to people she's unfamiliar with. She can come off as shy, but really this is to help her with hiding. She also has an odd tendency to hide from others whenever she has the chance. This adds to other people's impressions that she's shy. It can be very annoying to her friends, as it makes her hard to keep track of. She has a fondness of animals, due to spending much of her time in the woods. She occasionally snaps when pushed over the edge.


Akaina was born to her mother and her father, Claude. Her father later left due to financial and emotional reasons. She developed an interest in climbing trees when she was 5, and a year later she met Rosaline. They became good friends, and they both spent hours climbing trees, though Rosaline later abandoned that hobby. Rosaline introduced Akaina to Naida, and she soon became the peacemaker between Rosaline and Naida. She enrolled in the knights training course when she was 12, and branched off in the stealth courses a year later. Twice a year she goes with Roslaine and Naida to other islands to restock.

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