Aillus is one of the islands on Dinriasa. They have a strong belief in their zodiac, where the hour when a person is born determines their zodiac sign. They do not have a monarchy like many of the other islands. Instead, they are governed by 24 people they believe to be representatives of the dieties of each sign, and are thus treated as gods. The procedure to pick a new leader after one has died can take weeks, even months. The remaining leaders go through every person born to that sign, and if they sense any one of them has an unusual "aura" they are picked as the new leader. The symbol of their sign is painfully branded onto their palms and back, and they'll become the leader until their death. There have been leaders that have become currupt. They are quickly executed.


Aillus is pretty much a flat, barren place, most of it has been turned into villages and cities, apart from a circle of various trees in the center, where the 24 village leaders reside in large treehouse like palaces, so they will be closer to the sky. There are 12 surrounding villages, with 2 major cities. The island itself is not very large, so the circle of trees do take up about 1/6 of the island.


There have been no characters from this island yet. The actual population of Aillus is 258, give or take.

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